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COVID tally in the province exceeds 900 with 50 new positive cases today

November 11, 2020

COVID tally in the province exceeds 900 with 50 new positive cases today 

The Department of Health – Eastern Visayas announced tonight, November 11, 2020, 50 new cases of COVID-19 in Northern Samar. 

This brings the total confirmed cases of the province to 926.  The DOH Provincial Office has recorded 513 recoveries and 11 COVID deaths.  While active cases spiked again to 402. 
The latest confirmed cases are from Palapag (2), Silvino Lubos (1), Pambujan (2), San Roque (7), Mondragon (4), Catarman (4), Lope de Vega (6), Bobon (7), San Jose (3), Rosario (3), Lavezares (1), Allen (4), Victoria (4), San Isidro (1) and Capul (1).

1.)  13-year old female from Aquino, a close contact
2.)  23-year old male from same barangay, also a close contact

Silvino Lubos
1.)  31-year old male from Poblacion 1

1.)  61-year old female from Poblacion District 1, a healthcare worker
2.)  32-year old female, from Poblacion District 1, a healthcare worker from Pambujan

San Roque:
1.)  25-year old male from Zone 6, close contact
2.)  39-year old female from Zone 3 
3.)  44-year old female from Bgy. Bantayan
4.)  22-year old male from Zone 4
5.)  17-year old male from Zone 5
6.)  64-year old male from Zone 6
7.)  21-year old male from Zone 5, a close contact

1.)  34-year old from BGy. Eco (hcw)
2.)  53-year old male from Bgy. Imelda
3.)  35-year old male from Bgy. Eco
4.)  51-year old male from Bgy. Makiwalo

1.)  24-year old female from Bgy. Calachuchi, a local healthcare worker
2.)  24-year old male from Bgy. Abad Santos, currently admitted in hospital 
3.)  82-year old male from Bgy. Baybay, another in-patient
4.)  87-year old female from Bgy. Dalakit, an in-patient
Lope de Vega:
1.)  51-year old female from Bgy. Bayho
2.)  44-year old female, a close contact
3.)  45-year old female from Bgy. Bayho
4.)  51-year old male from Bgy. Bayho 
5.)  18-year old female from Bgy. Bayho
6.)  19-year old female from Bgy. Bayho

1.)  37-year old male from Santa Clara
2.)  11-year old male from General Lucban
3.)  16-year old female from General Lucban
4.)  6-year old male from Bgy. San Juan, a close contact
5.)  34-year old male from Bgy. Santa Clara, a close contact
6.)  28-year old male from Bgy Dancalan, a close contact
7.)  45-year old male from Bgy. Dancalan, a close contact

San Jose:
1.)  53-year old female from Bgy. North, a healthcare worker
2.)  61-year old female from Brgy. South, an in-patient
3.)  63-year old male from Bgy. South, an in-patient 

1.)  83-year old female from Sabong-Tabok 

1.)  26-year old female from Commonwealth
2.)  23-year old female from Poblacion
3.)  26-year old male from Poblacion

1.)  20-year old male from Bgy. Jubasan
2.)  32-year old male from Kinabranan Zone 1
3.)  29-year old female from Kinabranan Zone 1
4.)  22-year old female from Kinabranan Zone II

1.)  27-year old male from Erenas
2.)  39-year old female from San Lazaro
3.)  30-year old male from Bgy. Erenas, a close contact
4.)  33-year old male Bgy. Erenas, also a close contact

San Isidro:
1.)  39-year old female from Bgy. Caglanipao

1.)  29-year old female from Bgy. 3

As the threat of COVID-19 continues, the public is enjoined to observe health protocols at all times, wear face mask and shield, wash hands and frequently sanitize, observe physical distancing and avoid gatherings to prevent COVID infection.

Let us help stop the transmission of the virus.

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Covid-19 Update

New Recoveries: 5
Total Recoveries: 1,402
Deaths: 28
New Cases: 9
Active Cases: 70
Total Cases: 1,500