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LOOK: Governor Edwin Ongchuan inspects Libas Estate in Pambujan, checks on the viability of a Multiplier Farm

Livestock agricultural communities may soon become self-sufficient in terms of breed stocks since the Provincial Agriculture Office and the Provincial Veterinary Office propose to manage their own farm animal stations, from which livestock farmers can readily get their supply.

The multiplier farm concept brings animal reproduction to the communities where the beneficiary farmers are. The multiplier farm will then propagate these breeders and their offspring will be distributed to the farmer-benificiaries.

Along with farm animals, vegetable seedlings are also hoped to be produced in the multiplier farm for distribution to local farmers.

Dubbed as the 'Libas Estate Multiplier Farm' project, if approved, will have pure bred stocks which will also be used in upgrading the quality of breed through their offspring. The multiplier farm will assure steady livestock supply to various markets. 

The provincial government also sees the project as a potential for farm tourism.

--PIO Northern Samar

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