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Help break the chain of COVID-19 infection

COVID-19 is highly infectious, it can easily transmit from one person to another. When the opportunity comes, the virus quickly settles in a host, choosing no age, gender, sex, career or status.

In the diagram below, let us understand how COVID-19, starting from a confirmed positive case, reached its secondary contacts, but with #BIDASolusyon, we can break the chain and stop the infection in getting to the tertiary contact.

Indeed, the chain of infection could carry on, if we don’t help stop the spread of the virus. We can help break the chain.

Be part of the solution. BIDA ang solusyon sa COVID-19: B-awal ang walang mask. Always use mask when physically interacting with people; I-sanitize ang mga kamay, iwas hawak sa mga bagay; D-umistansya ng isang metro, always observe physical distance; at A-lamin ang tamang impormasyon. Follow health advisories and protocols, listen to credible sources of information.

Remember, be a BIDA! Together, we can beat COVID-19!

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Covid-19 Update

New Recoveries: 0
Total Recoveries: 1,342
Deaths: 23
New Cases: 2
Active Cases: 8
Total Cases: 1,373