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8th Country Programme for Children of the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)

Governor Edwin Ongchuan leads the team of key provincial officials of Northern Samar for the Government-UNICEF Sub-National Planning Workshop held on July 23-25 at Marco Polo Hotel, Manila.
UNICEF Deputy Country Representative Julia Rees facilitated the workshop which aimed to (1) present and validate the Government-UNICEF National Situation Analysis identification of key children deprivation, (2) identify and agree on priority provincial results and develop the Northern Samar-UNICEF Workplan for the period 2019-2021, and (3) agree on implementation modalities, oversight and joint monitoring mechanisms for agreed results.
With Gov. Ong are Atty. Efren Sabong, Provincial Administrator; Engr. Romeo Cardenas, PPDC; Ms. Jenny Darish, PSWDO; Dr. Alejandro Lucban, PHO; Ms. Ela Ibanez, Sanitary Officer; Ms. Juliet Virtudes, Youth Program Coordinator; Ms. Anabelle Parana, Nutrition Action Officer; Dr. Carmela Tamayo, DepEd and Mr. Fortunato Lagarde, DILG.
📸 Juliet Virtudes / PGNS PSWDO

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